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The B.E.R. Home Foundation is an organization within the Bonita Springs-Estero REALTORS®, Inc. The mission of the B.E.R. Home Foundation is:

  • To accumulate assets from fundraising and donations that can be managed to serve our Members.
  • To recognize our fellow Bonita Springs-Estero REALTORS® members who are in need.
  • To be able to support and fulfill the needs of our Members and their families in a time of crisis.


Foundation funds may be requested by a phone call to any member of the B.E.R. Home Foundation.  Each request is handled with complete confidentiality within the Foundation. Such a request is examined for approval and funds are distributed in accordance with our Bylaws. Funds may be requested for:

  • Emergency Medical Needs
  • Emergency Travel
  • Assistance with Food or Shelter
  • Catastrophic Events


There is no payback obligation. Future donations will be accepted.

The B.E.R. Home Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation under the approval of the Internal Revenue Service and incorporated under the State of Florida.

[vcex_heading text=”2019 Board of Trustees” text_align=”center” font_size=”d:30|tl:24|tp:24|pl:16|pp:16″]

2022 Board of Trustees

Secretary Adrienne Meijer 2019-2022

Treasurer DeAnn Suchy 2019-2022

President Morgan Hila 2019-2022

Vice President Dave Jeronimus 2021-2024

Director Dre Sanchez 2022-2023

Director Darrell Winfree 2022-2023

Director Lisa Schroeder 2022-2023

Director Donna Marcotte 2022-2023

Meighan Harris – CEO

* Each trustee serves a term of two years

* Each trustee serves a term of two years. Employer Identification Number: 27-161-17921. The Bonita Springs-Estero REALTORS® Home Foundation Florida Nonprofit Corporation Number: 1-000-000-2954.

To request assistance please contact one of the trustees listed above. All requests are anonymous.

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