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2022 Sales Excellence Awards Winners

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2022 Sales Excellence Awards Winners

Welcome to the Sales Excellence Awards winner page, where we recognize and honor the top performing realtors who have achieved exceptional sales figures in the year 2022. These individuals have demonstrated remarkable skills, expertise, and dedication in their craft, setting themselves apart as industry leaders in the real estate market. Our esteemed realtors who have achieved outstanding sales figures have been awarded with Gold, Platinum, and Diamond levels. The Gold level is reserved for those who have achieved a sales figure of 5 million dollars or more, or 25 or more transaction sides. The Platinum level is reserved for those who have surpassed 10 million dollars in sales or 25 or more transaction sides, while the Diamond level is reserved for those who have achieved an exceptional 20 million dollars in sales or 75 or more transaction sides.

These award winners have not only achieved remarkable sales figures but have also delivered exceptional service, providing their clients with the highest level of professionalism, expertise, and support throughout their real estate transactions. We are honored to acknowledge and celebrate the hard work and achievements of our realtor award winners. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for your continued commitment to excellence in the real estate industry.




Avantgarde Realty Group

Fawn Estes

Berkshire Hathaway FL Realty

Lisa Perry

Don Droke

Broker Brothers LLC

Kathryn Zangrilli

Coldwell Banker Realty

Lisa Schroeder

Ken Hoover

Jon Schroeder

Morgan Thordin

Mike Reeves

Sherry Reeves

Shawn Bright P.A.

Marc Lobdell


Zachary Rosen

Paul Kolaczynski

Octavia Harris

Current Coastal Realty

Dennis Wagaman

J Alex King

Dina Marie Realty LLC

Dina Marie Skaff LLC

Michael Monge

Marc Comisar

Jesse McGreevy

Evan Correale

Edward Burnham

Tyler Butcher

Adam Dearmond

Matt Loveall

Emily Prescott PA

Kylie Fowler

Lindsey Moffat

Lyndsey Creech

Mary Watts Wolleon

Monica Bernd

Stacey Reed

Dawn Krueger

Jake Comisar

Matt Reed

Danielle Allen

Julianne Hook

Emily Loveall

Timothy Logiovino

Christina Ruud

Brooke Meyers

Aaron Powell

Ally Miller

Diego Barreto

Downing-Frye Realty Inc

Vickee Douglas

Elite Realty of SWFL

Judith Gietzen

Exp Realty

Jeanine Delaney

John R Wood Properties

Lisa Mishler

Angela Bavetta

Roxanne Jeske

Jill Kushner

Sarah Guglielmo

David Urban

Amy Velyvis

Teresa Rucker

Deborah Bateman

Wayne Taylor

Jennifer Smyth

Diana Coyle

Susan Dondero

Mary Abshire

Stephanie Coburn

Brent Greer

Tobi Morgan

Becky Jaarda

Lance Tyo

Mal Griffin

Jim Flack

Garren Grup

Cindy Kruesi

Kyle Suhr

Keller Williams Elite Realty

Tyler Mattingly

Jack Mancini

Allyson Evans

Shannon Schaffer

Elizabeth Baker

Arlene Santangelo

Andrew Brinkoetter

Kathleen Wegwert

Rosemary Scheetz-Bruce

Keller Williams Realty Naples

D.Michael Burke

Michel Kanigsberg

Hunter Habib

Kevin Shelly Realty Inc.

Kevin Shelly

Local Real Estate LLC

Candace Farmer

Shelly Olsen

Shelly Olsen

Ursula Weinkauff

Julie Hill

Kim Hinkson

Ginny Nobbe

Renata Frisone

Renata Frisone

Amber Reyes

Amber Reyes

Andrew Lynch

Andrew Lynch

Tessa Perry

Tessa Perry

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Lisa Dowdy

Jane Slusarz

McDowell Homes LLC

Todd Jaskiewicz PA

MVP Realty Associates LLC

Joanne Fultz

Martin Pecoraro

James Hunter

Donna Pyle

Shasta DeGraw

Peggy Lotz

Orchid Realty International

Jennifer Springer Rinden

Leslie Prinz

Kerry Wilson

Kate Cleary

Doug Purcell

Paragon Florida Realty

Luann Collins

Potter Trinity

Charles Ruck

Premier Commercial Inc

Matthew Stepan

Premier Sotheby's Int'l Realty

Donna Marcotte

Pam Umscheid

Dimo Demirev

Dianne Anderson

James Duda

Premiere Plus Realty Company

Angela Guillette

Jon Panozzo

Scott Hansen

Brett Larson

Missey Weatherly

Kim Swope

Krista Asquith

Andrew Coppens

Kelly Luck

Nanette Padgett

Renee Malachowski

Kathleen Peltier

Carol Matarazzo

Realty World J. PAVICH R.E.

Renee Poppie P.A.

Sandra Hansel

Jason Pavich

Kevin Bartlett

Joe Pavich

Astrid Hayes

Carolyn Clark

Joni Pavich

Joseph Pavich

Diana Canfield

Debra Morris

Jeff Tiefenbach

Robert Slack LLC

Bret Borshell

Laura Vance

Michael Mauer

Jacqueline Maglio LLC

James Johnston

James Gomez

Claudia Ruggiero PA

Christy Lominack

Judy Scully

Debra Gomez


Nicholas Ruddy

Royal Shell Real Estate, Inc.

Ashley Wells

Constance Lummis

H. Max Lummis

Corye Reiter

Dorothy Fagan

Sandra Kass

Lisa Ninchritz

Felipe Silva Miranda

Jamie Lienhardt

Wade Abed

Gary Ryan

Sterling Realty of SWFL

Steven Leek

Karen McIntyre

Sun Realty USA, Inc.

Carla Masse

Rhonda Diner

S. Jay Siegall

Sundance Realty II

Karen Ventura

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