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Introducing our exclusive Leadership Development Program, designed to identify, nurture, and empower the next generation of visionary leaders within our association and the broader community. Our program aims to cultivate individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge, and self-assurance to excel in their roles and effectively inspire and influence others they encounter, both within our association and throughout the community.

Leadership Academy Application

Are you ready to unlock your full leadership potential and make a significant impact on our organization and the wider community? Look no further. Our program is designed to identify, cultivate, and empower the next generation of visionary leaders within BER. Through a comprehensive and tailored training curriculum, participants will embark on a transformative journey, acquiring the essential skills, knowledge, and self-assurance necessary to excel in their leadership roles. Join us on this transformative leadership journey and become a driving force within our organization and community. Together, we can shape a brighter future and make a difference that will resonate for years to come. Apply now for the BER Leadership Advancement Program and step into your role as a visionary leader!

Use the link here to apply: Click HERE

Leadership Academy Class of 2023

Photo 1

Alice Schwer

Photo 2

Allan Hase

Photo 3

Bruce Mitchell

Photo 4

Catherine Vigliano

Photo 5

Crystal Lynch

Photo 6

Kristen Welborn

Photo 7

Mason Burge

Photo 8

Michael Jackson

Photo 8

Michael Mahan

Photo 9

Nikki Harmon

Photo 10

Samantha Schwartz

Photo 11

Sarah Anstett

Photo 12

Sheryl Golnick

Photo 12

Viridiana Martinez

Leadership Academy Modules:

  • Module 1 - History
  • G.A.R.D.
  • Module 2 - Public Safety
  • Module 3 - Non-profit Day
  • Module 4 - Media
  • Module 5 - Economic Development
  • Module 6 - Emergency Management
  • Module 7 - Sustainability
  • Module 8 - Lee County Gov't
  • Module 9 - Roberts Rules
  • Florida Realtors Expo & Convention
  • Module 10 - Education
  • Module 11 - Waterways
  • Module 12 - Manufacturing
Person Photo

Ellen Boyce

Leadership Academy Chair


  1. Commit to attending the program classes. Attendance is defined as full session. Early out or late arrival will be counted as an absence. Any absence should be approved in advance. You will be ineligible to graduate if you miss more than 2 classes.
  2. If you are not currently involved on a Bonita-Springs Estero REALTORS® Committee, you hereby agree to regular and consistent committee involvement commencing with the conclusion of this program.
  3. You will be strongly encouraged/required to attend Florida Realtors Expo and Convention. The board will pay for hotel costs (room share) and may or may not provide transportation.
  4. You will be required to participate in a Leadership Development Class Project which must be approved by the Leadership Committee.
  5. You will be required to attend a pre-selection interview.
  6. The cost to join the Leadership Academy is $200. This includes your shirt, name tag, and registration to Florida Realtors Expo & Convention. This is to be paid by the introductory module.
  7. If employed by an affiliate company, real estate admin or real estate team, please make sure that you have communicated with your employer to make sure that they are aware of your schedule and the sponsorship cost of $500 (affiliates only) to participate in the academy. Marketing perks included.
  8. You are required to complete C2EX, Fairhaven, & Leadership100 at no cost at prior to graduation.


  • Dec 11 and 13 Applicant Interviews
  • Dec 15 Applicants Notified
  • Jan 24 Introductory Retreat - Full day
  • Feb 7 Raisin Cane Sugar Tour Tentative (optional-all day)
  • Classes will be held on Wednesdays from 9 am to 1 pm – Most meetings will be held off-site and occasionally modules may run long. Carpooling is encouraged. Dates are subject to change.
  • Feb 21 Module 1
  • March 6 Module 2
  • March 27 Module 3
  • April 10 Module 4
  • April 24 Module 5
  • May 8 Module 6
  • May 21 (Tues) Module 7
  • June 12 Module 8
  • June 26 Module 9
  • July 10 Module 10
  • Aug 20-22 Florida Realtors Convention & Expo
  • Sept 11 Module 11
  • Sept 25 Module 12
  • Oct 13 Module 13
  • Nov 20 Module 14

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