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Working with Sellers *2CE

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Lunch & Learn: Working with Sellers *2CE

September 11, 2019 - 12:30pm - 2:30pm

Listing Property can be one of the most lucrative aspects in Residential Real Estate Sales. During this class we will identify the rules when working with Sellers. We will cover steps to take when setting the listing appointment and how to Pre-Qualify the sellers over the phone through question based selling. We will go over the Pre-Listing Routine, what to cover during the Listing Presentation and what to include in your Listing Presentation. We will identify your Unique Selling Proposition and how to make a winning listing presentation. We will also cover what makes a winning listing presentation, objection handling and the best ways to win the listing. We will also discuss pricing property, what sells listings and what the seller expects from the agent. Finally, we will discuss how to get the listing agreement signed at the end of the presentation so that you leave the home with a signed agreement.

Instructor: Danielle Damianov with Guaranteed Rate

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