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A Guide to Wills, Trusts and Probate *2CE

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Who Owns That Property? A Guide to Wills, Trusts and Probate *2CE

December 5 - 1pm - 3pm

This class is part of the Florida REALTORS iCE Program. Attendees must be present at the association for the webinar to receive credit.

There are many situations that pop-up during the course of a sales transaction. Sellers are getting divorced, who really owns the property; the property owners dies and the executor of the estate wants to sell the property, are they authorized too; the property is held in the name of a trust, do you need to proceed with caution when conveying this property?

Agents will learn to identify the steps needed to convey property when the owner has passed away, what happens during probate, which party has the legal right to represent the deceased person in a probate estate, what signatures are required when selling property owned by a corporation, what does “Et al” really mean?

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