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Realtor Safety Month

Ensuring Safety: A Realtor's Guide to Secure Operations in Real Estate

By: Safety Experts at Bonita Estero Realtors

September 2023 (Realtor Safety Month)

1. Maintain Constant Communication:

For Realtors, maintaining constant communication is crucial to ensure safety. Informing a trustworthy individual, be it a colleague, friend, or family member, about their specific whereabouts can add an extra layer of security, especially when meeting unknown clients or showing isolated properties. By establishing specific check-in times, sharing precise locations, and detailing the expected duration of meetings, realtors can have someone aware of their situation, who can raise an alarm if anything goes awry.

2. Utilize Safety Apps to Stay Connected:

Realtors should make optimum use of the plethora of safety apps available today. These apps enable realtors to promptly send alerts or share real-time locations with a selected group of contacts, proving indispensable in unexpected emergencies. By having quick access to such resources, realtors can fortify their daily safety protocols and quickly summon help when needed, ensuring peace of mind while conducting activities.

3. Opt for Initial Meetings in Public Places:

Realtors can enhance their safety by arranging the first meetings with new clients in public and populated places such as coffee shops or at the company’s office. This not only allows realtors to better assess the prospective clients in a safe environment but also helps in ensuring that the intentions of the clients are legitimate. Public places typically offer a more secure environment and give the realtor the opportunity to understand the client's needs and expectations better before proceeding to property showings.

4. Protect Personal Information Religiously:

It is paramount for realtors to protect their personal information meticulously. Sharing home addresses and personal contact details can potentially lead to unforeseen risks. Instead, realtors should use office addresses and official contact numbers to maintain a professional boundary and ensure their privacy and security are not compromised. This practice helps in preventing any unwanted advances and intrusions into their private lives.

5. Maintain High Alertness of Surroundings:

Realtors, while showing properties, should exhibit a heightened awareness of their surroundings. Avoiding entry into confined or secluded spaces and letting the client enter rooms first can mitigate potential threats. Staying vigilant and observant can help in sensing danger early and can provide sufficient reaction time to handle any adverse situation, thereby ensuring the safety of the realtor.

6. Carry Personal Safety Devices:

Realtors should consider carrying personal safety devices such as pepper spray or a personal alarm. These devices can be easily concealed and can provide immediate protection in case of an imminent threat, giving the realtor time to escape and seek help. Having such a device on hand is a practical measure to enhance personal safety.

7. Verify Client Information:

Before scheduling any meetings or showings, it is advisable for realtors to verify the information provided by potential clients. This can include checking ID, conducting a quick online search, or verifying references, providing an added assurance of the client's authenticity and reducing the risk of encountering individuals with malicious intent.


Ensuring realtor safety is of utmost importance in the real estate industry. Adopting meticulous precautionary measures, maintaining constant vigilance, and employing modern safety tools and apps can contribute significantly to creating a secure and conducive working environment. Bonita Estero Realtors remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering safety awareness and fervently encourages realtors to unfailingly prioritize their security in their pursuit to deliver unparalleled services.

For more information on realtor safety, please visit Bonita Estero Realtors Safety Page.

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