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Understanding Interior Design

"How to Best Showcase a Property from an Expert"

by Diane Torrisi | Diane Torrisi Designs

As a professional realtor you wear multiple hats - however, interior designer may not be one that you are comfortable with.

When showing a house to a prospective buyer, your client will automatically, and subconsciously, try to envision themselves living in the space with their belongings, furnishings, family members, pets, etc. With that being said, most people struggle with visualizing the potential of a space. A buyer may easily be turned off by the smallest of details such as a dated paint color, a strange odor, 1980’s brass bathroom fixtures, and the list goes on. Oftentimes, these potential distractions won’t allow them to see the “whole picture”. Life is not an HGTV show where design changes happen in 30 minutes financed by pocket change! Your buyer will take photos, make notes on their MLS sheets, or depend on you to remind them of the homes they liked and guide them through the process. As a homeowner myself, I remember how stressful and exciting this whole process was… This gives an opportunity to the best realtors to shine!

An interior designer on speed dial can be a valuable asset in your agent repertoire. Inviting us to join you when a home buyer is on the fence can help them manage their expectations and aid them in seeing the bigger picture. A designer who is familiar with the local market, who can vouch for reputable tradespeople, and can explain the pitfalls of today’s market, is a valuable collaborator. Once a buyer connects with a designer and trust is earned, a designer is then able to create a roadmap for the project. This roadmap can be something as complex as renovating from the studs, or more simple such as moving in furniture and installing to accommodate the new spaces.

Our seasonal visitors who decide to move here as permanent residents often find themselves faced with several major decisions. One common situation they face is deciding on which Northern possessions to move down to their new Southern home. Another common scenario is how to go about finding the most qualified and trusted tradespeople to complete the required work.
Ned Hale

Diane Torrisi

A graduate of the Institute of Interior Design of Southwest Florida College, Diane is today an award winning and published designer who has recently opened her own design studio in Downtown Bonita Springs, Florida.

Lastly, new permanent residents also find themselves searching for the best showrooms to shop in order to fill their new home with appropriate pieces for their new Florida lifestyle. A professional designer can help with each of those key steps and ensure the process of settling in as new Floridians goes smoothly and stylishly.

By introducing your client to a designer who in turn helps them make the right choices from the beginning - preventing unnecessary headaches, and wasted time and money - you can rest assured that when the time comes to sell again, your buyers will reach for your number! Because what is better than a new client? A repeat client. For both a realtor and a designer.

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