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REALTORS®: Too Busy to Learn Something New? Can't afford not to! (My Undercover Agent)

August 19th, 2022

What can we learn today, that will help with tomorrow?

What kind of help you ask? Hhhmm... how about having quick answers to these scenarios along with an easy way to share them! Mr. or Miss Realtor® can you tell me what is:

  • That bridge height?
  • Who is the utility company and what do I need to do to connect them?
  • How do I start a home-based business?
  • Are there alligators in that canal?
  • Can I put a fence up?
  • What is Blue Green Algae?
  • Where do I find an elevation certificate?
  • Can you explain school choice?
  • What do I need to know about boating here?
  • Radon inspection - what’s that and do I need one?
  • What is that project down the street and when will it be done?
  • Who designed that Golf Course and what are their fees?
  • Does that marina have dry storage?
  • What fun things can my kids do around here?
  • What is the difference between Bonita Springs and Cape Coral?
  • Is this a bundled golf community?
  • How much does it cost to put in hurricane shutters?
  • What is the HOA’s phone?
And many more questions you might find in your day to day business.

Ned Hale

Kari Leftwich-Wolfe

Founder & Chief Executive Officer - My Undercover Agent

Over 25 years in Real Estate Development & fellow SWFL Realtor for over 16 years.

Knowing that data is constantly changing we must be lifelong learners and teachers, no matter how many years in the business. The team at My Undercover Agent, Inc. does the hard part for you by researching and gathering the hyper-local real estate information (answers for all those questions above and many more) for Lee County FL in real time. Our job, our commitment is to keep up with the ever-changing data Realtors® need and make it quick and easy for them to access all under one roof – How you ask? Our Full-Time Data-Technicians spend countless hours finding the information you need so you don’t have to! With our ears to the ground, we know how busy SWFL REALTORS® have been over the last few years as home buyers flock to our region via ‘The Great Relocation of America’. And we understand the time-consuming cycle of shepherding customers around town and going after those listings by day and hunting for data at night.

No Time to Learn?

So, when our REALTOR® friends say, “Congrats on your new technology! We think it’s incredible, we just don’t have time to learn something new right now,” we hear you. We do, but please consider this: the fast-paced trend will not last forever, and proof of that is happening as you read this, you know that deep breath you just took-proof right there! Couldn’t do that a few months ago and that is why now is the perfect time to learn something new, especially something new that promises to give you back countless hours while making you look like a super-hero and our customer service database designed by a fellow Realtor® couldn’t be easier to use.

Have you heard the phrase “sharpening your ax?” To prepare yourself for a time when the real estate industry slows down, take a look beyond the current market and think about what you can do to nurture your long-term relationships, after all those are what make or break a Real Estate career. Newbies brace yourselves; you are about to learn what it truly means to be a REALTOR®! But we got you, while buyers are frustrated about making offers and not closing the deal, and sellers have their pick of whom to give their listing to, you can be taking just a bit of time to hone your professional arsenal and differentiate yourself from the crowd. And the key to differentiating yourself is: Data. You can nurture those frustrated buyers with great content during their journey, keeping them loyal to you and showing sellers that they should go with you because you have cutting edge technology that sets you and them apart!

"Data is Gold"

A report from Deloitte asserts that “data is the new gold.” In the world of real estate, a growing number of deals rely on data and while market stats are everywhere, customer service data can be much harder to find. Larger real estate companies are now perceived as technology companies, enjoying competitive advantages such as innovative employees and data-supported business models. If you’re thinking that now you must become an expert in data research, relax. That’s where My Undercover Agent comes in, it’s almost like having your own personal concierge-but even better because you don’t have to ask, we already know what you need. Let us wear ‘the many hats’ so you can feel the wind in your hair again, you sell Paradise now its time to enjoy it! We give you the 5 Star treatment so you can give 5 Star treatment to your customers!

How can MUA help you learn something new that will benefit you in the long run? By showing you how to incorporate our customer data content into your work life, on your laptop and/or on the MUA app on your phone. Our first-to-market platform gathers the most sought-after data needed by REALTORS® for day-to-day operations including interactive maps, builder products, news updates, area showcases, the latest guidance for city and county restrictions, school information with registration processes, connection guidelines for utilities, process explainer pages and much more all in one place. MUA’s hyper-local, hyperdetailed data decreases research time and increases productivity in the office and out in the field allowing REALTORS® more time to sell homes, and better yet more time for themselves. Yes, data is the new gold! And MUA is the gold mine! With little time and effort, REALTORS® can have quick access to this data especially for their customers Q&A in the field when time is of the essence or with MUA Pro, they can compile this customer specific data into beautifully designed, interactive, agent-branded reports to share with their customers via email, and to use as marketing materials for social media, listings and open houses.

An easily accessed community showcase database has more than 1,000 communities and neighborhoods to date highlighting amenities and lifestyle descriptions including photos. Learning how to use MUA will give you the edge when REALTORS® are fighting for the sellers’ listings, especially with so many more Realtors® having joined the race, and when buyers need an answer now so you can close the deal without delay. Infused with new knowledge, your passion will be rekindled in all aspects of your work – somehow learning new things inspires the rest. We don’t want you to miss out by waiting for things to slow down. Instead, we encourage you to be ready when that time comes along because it surely will. If you put the MUA data to work for you now, then when others slow you won’t because of the elevated level of service you are offering. The time is right. The time is now. So, are you ready to learn more, are you ready to make your tomorrow easier? REALTORS® and businesses that serve the Southwest Florida real estate sector can learn more by visiting where they can explore services and functions, sign up for a free demo, or as BER members click ‘Get Started’ to gain your FREE access to MUA Lite and as a bonus you will have 30-days to test drive MUA Pro to see if it will be a good fit for your business. My Undercover Agent databases for other counties regionally and nationally will soon be underway.

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