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How to Make the Most of Your Property Management Business *4CE

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How to Make the Most of Your Property Management Business *4CE

May 1, 2019

Despite what some may think, there is still a very real need for new, quality property management professionals in today’s economy. When approached properly, Property Management can be an extremely lucrative avenue of real estate to pursue. It can serve as a constant flow of income, as well as provide a steady source of buyers and sellers.

Investors are continually seeking alternate ways to invest other than the stock market. Homeowners are relocating to other areas of the country yet keeping their primary homes, and buyers are purchasing homes now, but may not be ready to occupy them just yet.

This course was designed for the determined property manager to take advantage of everything the market has to offer and grow their business. It will provide tips on how to increase profit by adding income and decreasing expenses. Students will learn how to maximize their time and resources, as well as lower their vacancy rates. In turn, they will be able to better serve their customers, secure higher yields on their investments, and thrive as property managers in today’s economy.

Objectives: In addition to the skills listed above, students at the completion of this course will be able to: List three sources to find rentable properties, calculate a fair and competitive rent value, list 3 ways to avoid vacancies whenever possible, know how to deal with notification of upcoming vacancies and how to handle re-renting the property, explain how to secure a new tenant through an application and screening process, give solutions to normal maintenance issues that arise, list the cons of on-site management, state the importance of walk-thru inspections, and list where they can anticipate referrals to come from.

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